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These days the developer of Smartphone and Compact Cameras are in a big battle about who does have the most Megapixels.

On almost every Smartphone 16MP is more or less a standard and some even go up to 20 or 24 Megapixels.

Those are pretty big numbers and of course, they are all cheated. But between all those cheaters, there is Apple who says “Enough with Megapixel War, Quality over Quantity, lets go back to 12MP”

First that sounds like a good, but is Apple Telling the Truth?

Long Story Short, they are not, they are lying. The iPhone X does not have 12 Megapixel, but how much Megapixels does it really have?

I tested the iPhone X against the Sigma dp2 Quattro Compact Camera (39 Megapixel Equivalent APS-C) and scaled the Sigma Images down to 12MP.

And what a suprise, the iPhone doesn't even come close, the iPhone is _very_ far from 12 Megapixel, look for yourself (click on the images for full size)

12 Megapixels

As you can see, not 12 Megapixel, not at all.

But lets cut the megapixel in half, how does the iPhone X compare to an (upscaled to 12MP) 6MP Image from the Sigma?

6 Megapixels

Wow, as you can see, the iPhone X is still far from 6 Megapixels(!) less than the half of the promies 12,something MPs that Apple claimed.

Well then, lets reduce the size further and compare

4 Megapixels

I give up! The iPhone X doesn't even have 4 Megapixels… thats less than 1/3

Whatever the real Megapixel Count of the iPhone X is, it is far below 4 Megapixels, it is less than 1/3

That is what i call cheating

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